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Go beyond the normal with some of the best sports scientists in the city. Bodyology is an elite training and testing centre that boasts a world class strength facility, exercise lab and altitude training room to assist athletes and general health clients achieve optimal performance and health.

Our training programs are some of the most scientific in Melbourne – you’ll have the option of having your body composition, metabolism and performance rigorously analysed and tested. This gives us the most accurate picture possible of your health and fitness and allows us to create the best possible personalised program.

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We offer a unique environment and atmosphere for personal training. Some of the best athletes in the country have been through the doors at Melbourne’s Bodyology. Our testing and training methods are used by everyone from Olympians to national footballers. Coupled with our personal trainers’ high level of qualifications and years of real world experience we are confident we have the answer to any of your questions.

Ben Griffin
Ben Griffin
An accredited exercise physiologist, Ben coaches everyone from beginners to elite level athletes.
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John Cooper
John Cooper
John’s focus is to re-educate clients to find the most efficient way to perform any activity or exercise.
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Ben has introduced some sports science into my training. Through the use of the BodPod and metabolic testing and in conjunction with altitude training it has helped educate my team of coaches and I to know what works best for me to ensure I get maximum return on all the hard work I put in.

Jayde Mitchell
Jayde Mitchell Professional Boxer

I enlisted in Ben from Bodyology's help as I was an athlete who had glaring muscle imbalances that not only limited my overall improvement in running but also was detrimental to my body. Realising that my injury I had suffered was from a lack of strength issue, Ben helped me to recover through frequent rehab (working closely with my Physio) and creating a strength program that was catered to my personal needs as an athlete. Ben constantly goes above and beyond his role as a strength coach and genuinely wants to see his athletes do well. He ensures we are making advancements together, which is telling through the considerable improvements I have achieved in a small period of time in the weight room, on the running track and remaining injury free. I would 100% recommend anyone who runs or plays sports to go see Ben and the team at Bodyology to become a better, stronger athlete.

Kayla De Bondt
Kayla De Bondt NCAA Collegiate Runner

I have known Ben for over 9 years now. I have watched him develop and grow as a coach and a person. I have recommended athletes to work with Ben and received nothing less than glowing feedback of how he plies his trade. Unlike many, Ben is about the athlete first and foremost.

Bill Davoren
Bill Davoren(High Performance Manager – Collingwood Football Club