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We offer a unique environment and atmosphere for personal training. Some of the best athletes in the country have been through the doors at Melbourne’s Bodyology. Our testing and training methods are used by everyone from Olympians to national footballers. Coupled with our personal trainers’ high level of qualifications and years of real world experience we are confident we have the answer to any of your questions.


Service Price
BodPod Initial $129
BodPod Testing $99
Metabolic Analysis (1hr) $139
BodPod, Metabolic Analysis (1.5hrs) $199
Vo2 Max (1hr) $199
Vo2 Max, BodPod (1.5hrs) $249
Vo2 Max, Metabolic Analysis (2 hrs) $319
BodPod, Metabolic Analysis, Vo2 (2.5hrs) $349

Personal Training – Standard

Duration Price
30mins $50
45mins $70
60mins $85

Personal Training – with Accredited Exercise Physiologist

*Eligible for rebate under ‘exercise physiology’ through private health insurance

Duration Price
30mins $60
45mins $80
60mins $95

Altitude Training

Program includes Altitude Tolerance Testing and tailored training sessions
There is no sign up or cancelation fee with altitude membership
Clients are eligible for a Free BodPod Assessment after 12 weeks of continuous membership (value $99)

Frequency Price
3 sessions $75 per week
2 sessions $59 per week
1 session $39 per week
Single Training Session $55 / hr
10 Session Training Pass $341 (10hrs total)
Chamber Hire $150 / hr (Up to 5 people)

Other services

2-1 and 3-1 Personal Training options available. Discuss this with your trainer.

Payment is to be made at the time of the appointment.
Payment Methods accepted include Cash, EFT, MasterCard and Visa.
All prices listed above are GST inclusive.

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