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What is

Altitude Training?

Bodyology installed Victoria’s first publicly available Simulated Altitude Training Chamber that allows clients to train at Altitudes up to 5000m. The Altitude Chamber is a large glass room located on their gym floor which accommodates up to 6 clients at a time on Treadmills, Wattbikes or a free training area.

Our altitude training centre is one of the best equipped in the state. Perfect for mountaineers, climbers, trekkers, endurance athletes and any team sport athletes, our personal trainers get you prepared for the rigors your body will face during the challenge. Backed by our skilled staff we are certain we can get you in the position you need to be to excel in any field.You’ll undergo not only physical but mental development as we prepare you psychologically for the task at hand. Our training program simulates the harsh environment of a high altitude mountain climb and is perfect for both trekkers and athletes wanting to take their cardio fitness to the next level.

Training at Altitude stimulates physiological, metabolic and hormonal responses to increase the bodies Oxygen carrying capacity, leading to fitness increases, plus with Total Energy Expenditure 25-30% greater, Altitude training leads to more time efficient workouts.Further to this, repeated exposure to a Simulated Altitude Environment is an effective way to pre-acclimatise to the low Oxygen and physical demands experienced in Real High Altitude Settings (Climbing / Trekking). If you are setting of on a mountain climb, our tolerance test will provide you a guide as to how well you adapt and acclimate to altitude (lower oxygen levels).

Who is Altitude Training for?


Athletes of all levels who perform at sea-level, have been proven to obtain significant fitness, endurance and performance gains from including Altitude Training in their preparation. Typically Performance & Endurance Athletes (Marathon, Running, Road Cycling, Swimming, Triathlon, Ironman), Team Sport Athletes (Football, Rugby, Soccer, Basketball) have been linked to the training method, however their is a growing interest in the effectiveness of Altitude Training with Power Athletes such as Track Cyclists such as Australian Olympian Shane Perkins. An enormous 80% of Olympic athletes use some form of Altitude Training within their preparation.

Bodyology work closely with all of their athletes to integrate Altitude Training effectively into their entire training load. Altitude Training can also be a very effective way to maintian aerobic fitness through soft tissue injuries and rehabilitation due to a reduced muscular load and high aerobic demand. Bodyology also work with athletes pre & post Altitude Training Camps to pre-acclimiatise and continue to hold gains achieved whilst living at Altitude.

The work I did inside the altitude chamber helped to get my fitness up quickly so I could rejoin with the main group and push for selection earlier than anticipated in our premiership year.

Fletcher Roberts - Western Bulldogs Premiership Player (2016)

Trekkers & Climbers

For clients preparing to head to High Altitude in areas such as Nepal and Mt. Kilimanjaro, Pre-acclimitisation Training is a valuable investment against succumbing to Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). By spending time getting your body used to a High Altitude, Low Oxygen Environment and following correct training guidelines you are doing the most suitable, specific preparation available.

Bodyology has helped prepare numerous clients for Kilimnjaro, Nepal and even low-moderate Altitude treks (high workload) such as Kokoda.

Training in the altitude chamber in the leadup to climbing Mt Kilimanjaro taught me how my body reacts to a lower oxygen environment and how to adapt accordingly. My experiences in the chamber was invaluable to achieving my goal.

CC Hua - Trekker

Weight Loss & General Fitness Clients

An emerging area of Research Growth for Altitude Training is that of Weight Loss / Body Fat Reduction. Within the Altitude Chamber, metabolic processes are stimulated and total Energy Expenditure can be 25-30% greater exercising at 3000m vs the same effort at sea-level. This can obviously lead to more time efficient workouts.

A major factor in advancing anyone’s training in order to help them get results is Aerobic Capacity and Stamina. When undertaking Altitude Training the physiological, metabolic and hormonal adaptations that the body is forced to make are forcing your body to change quicker than the same stress at sea-level.This advanced training technique, once reserved for professional athletes, can now be experienced by anyone.

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