What kind of education is available?

Bodyology’s philosophies for better health and performance centre around educating their clients to understand WHY they should eat, train, rest, stretch, sleep, work….. in a certain way. It is with this level of understanding that clients will continue to be healthy and succesful whilst remaining independent and responsible for their own results when they are away from Bodyology.

Bodyology recognises the need for clients to plan and structure Training Programs, Eating Plans, Training Schedules & Periodise training for Competition, and to understand the recovery process and to take the time to plan this properly.

Bodyology communicate their Education services through:

Individual one-on-one consults – This may occur during Training or Testing sessions or be booked seperately to focus on specific issues (eg. Nutrition consult / Weekly Training Schedule & Programming)
Group Lecture Series – This may be for a team or workplace group for example, looking at specific topics pertinent to the health and well being or performance of the group members.

Education can focus on a large number of areas including (but not limited to)

Exercise & Training Choices for Results
Safe & Effective Exercising Technique
Training Principles
Nutrition Principles & Healthy Eating (for Energy, Performance, Fat Reduction, Health, Muscle Gain…..)
Healthy Lifestyles – fitting in training, healthy eating, work, social life and family in a balanced approach
High Performance Training / Testing & Nutrition
Rest & Recovery Principles & Techniques
Training Periodisation (Seasonal & Competition Requirements)


Who can benefit from Bodyology’s Knowledge?

Bodyology’s Individual Consulting Services are available to everyone. No matter what your health, fitness or performance goals are, from weight loss (fat reduction), to workplace safety exercises, healthy eating and advanced training methods, Bodyology have the ability to help you understand HOW and WHY to achieve your desired health and fitness outcomes.

Bodyology can tailor Group Education sessions for:

Sporting Teams
Sporting Clubs
Students – University Exercise Science
Students – TAFE Personal Training
Students – High School P.E.
Corporate Staff Groups / Executive Management Teams
Workplace Teams
Community Groups

Bodyology may be able to deliver our education services Offsite also depending on your requirements.


Why trust Bodyology?

Bodyology’s staff all have extensive education and practical experience and hold themselves to the highest industry standards.


How do I discuss my requirements with Bodylogy?

Contact us via phone or email to discuss your training goals and needs!

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