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What Exercise Science Testing Options Are Available?

Unique in its services, Bodyology offers only the Best Analysis Methods, validated and proven reliable through extensive independent research from all over the world, and accepted by the Medical and Exercise Science fraternities.

Through their Exercise Science Lab Bodyology offers Gold Standard Health & Fitness Analyses in Body Composition (Bodpod), Metabolism Analysis and VO2 Max Aerobic Fitness.

Advanced Body Composition Analysis

The BodPod Air Displacement Plethysmography Analysis is a gold standard method for measuring Percentage Body Fat levels, Lean Muscle Mass, Body Volume and Body Density. Detailed results allow for the effective monitoring of body composition changes through the training cycle. This is a simple, passive 5 minute test where clients sit still and breathe normally within the BodPod for 45 seconds, 2-3 times.

Individual Metabolism Analysis

The Indirect Calorimetry Metabolic rate anaylsis allows for the direct measurement of a client’s real time metabolism. This is a basic 10 minute passive test where the client lies down in a recliner and breathes normally through a disposable plastic tube. The clients Resting Metaboolic Rate (RMR) is measured and further calculations are used to determine Total Energy Expenditure (TEE).

VO2 Max Aerobic Fitness Testing

The VO2 Max Test is the Gold Standard for Aerobic Fitness Testing. The test may be performed on a treadmill or stationary bike and clients will wear a Heart Rate Monitor and Respiratory facemask connected to a Metabolic Cart. Performed as a Graded Intensity Test, clients start at low intensity and the work rate is gradually increased until exhaustion. This test typically lasts 12-15 minutes. Results from this test include VO2 Max, Max Heart Rate (HR), Anaerobic (Lactate) Threshold, HR training zones, Energy Expenditure at Heart Rate Zones (calories / hour) and overall fitness rating.

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Who should use these testing methods?


Anybody planning to get, or already involved in a physical training routine. By tracking your body composition changes they can gauge how effective your training plan, nutritional program or supplement regimen is. Bodyology can help you set sensible and realistic goals and measure you as you get closer. Body Builders, Athletes of all levels, Weight Loss Clients and General Health Clients can all benefit from measuring and understanding their changing bodies.

Metabolism Analysis

Anybody who wants to understand their basal energy requirements. This will help you understand how to fuel yourself best throughout the day and through varying training loads. Ideal for Weight Loss (Body Fat Reduction) or Weight Gain (Muscle) clients whether involved in sports or not. Ideally, combined with Body Composition data this allows for the formulation of initial nutrition strategies and tracking of body composition changes.

VO2 Max

This test is ideal for Endurance Athletes or Field Sport Athletes of all levels in order to gauge their aerobic power and work rates. In particular when undertaking training specifically designed to increase aerobic power and endurance this is the best practise way to gauge physiological change and therefore the effectiveness of the training program. Any clients who perform any kind of aerobic training with the view to ‘getting fitter” will benefit from understanding the parameters of the physical fitness that are measured. This service is not designed to be utilised as a cardiac stress test for clinical clients, please contact us if you have any questions relating to suitability for this test.

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Why Undergo Advanced Analysis?

Before embarking on any health or performance plan, understanding and setting goals is imperative. Bodyology’s methods and consults enable you to set realistic goals and understand where you are and want to get to. In order to gauge how effective your training and nutrition is they then need to be able to remeasure you in the future and provide that valuable feedback.

Using Laboratory methods versus common field methods allows for greater accuracy and an understanding as to how your body is changing. Bodyology offer the best testing options. The real question should be, now you know about them, why would you settle for anything less?

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