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What does Bodyology offer?

Bodyology is located at ‘The Woodshed’ in Brighton East, Victoria. This Facility includes a state-of-the art training environment, comprising a Simulated Altitude Chamber, Olympic Lifting Platform and Bumper Weights, extensive Free Weights, Hammer Strength & Life Fitness Resistance & Cardio Equipment.

Bodyology is an exclusive and intimate training environment that does not exist in a commercial fitness club setup. Our clients are programmed specifically and monitored continually through training sessions. Training is goal oriented, results based and specifically tailored to the individual.

Bodyology staff utilise a variety of methods such as Functional Movement Screenings and Strength and Power testing to train clients safely and incorporate corrective exercises and injury avoidance techniques.

Bodyology offers onsite training, offsite training and remote programming services to allow clients to combine supervised training with a level of continued independence.

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Who should train with Bodyology?

Bodyology’s Physcial Training Services are available to everyone. Evolving training methods and educating clients are key ingredients in Bodyology’s approach to physical training. No matter what your health, fitness or performance goals are Bodyology are equipped and educated to manage it.

Common clients include:
Performance Athletes – Professional, Elite, Amateur, Junior / Development, Recreational
Weight Loss clients
Rehabilitation clients (TAC, Workover, Health Fund rebates available)
Muscle Gain and Body Building clients
Personal Health and Wellbeing clients
People preparing for/working in Emergency Service, Military, Physical Jobs, Army, Navy, Police and Firefighters
Strength & Power clients
Endurance clients
Trekking and Outdoor Adventure clients
General Fitness clients

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Why should train with Bodyology?

Bodyology’s trainers have worked within Elite Athletic Programs including AFL, NRL and Internationally in US Collegiate programs, as well as backgrounds working in community health clubs.

Their expertise and the intimate training facility environment allows them to train their clients specifically and individually for maximal strength, power gains, body fat reduction, muscle gain, rehabilitation and movement correction for injury avoidance (pre-habilitation).

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How do I start training with Bodyology?

Contact us via phone or email to discuss your training goals and needs!

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